Occupy DC Forum Draws Engaged Audience

Submitted by LHRC on Fri, 03/23/2012 - 16:14

The Teamsters Labor History Research Center hosted a panel discussion on The Future of Occupy DC on March 7, 2012.  Panelists included three people who had camped at MacPherson Square, one of the two Occupy sites in Washington DC.  Other panelists were an activist labor lawyer and a labor movement activist.  Moderators were GW Professor Rachel Riedner and GW student Beck Levy. 

Panelists were asked what they perceive the Occupy movement to be; where the movement is at present; where is it going; and how do and how should academia and the labor movement relate to the movement.  Panelists witnessed to life at the K Street Occupy site, the movement’s successes and frustrations and the nature and extent of labor, church and community support for the movement.  Panelists also commented on general racial divisions in the movement and emphasized the need and efforts to cooperate with housing and civil rights movements more traditionally rooted in African American and Latino communities, such as the Take Back the Land movement. 

The program attracted about seventy attendees who participated by posing questions to the panelists and further commenting on points that were made.