New Collection Open for Research: Radical Left-Wing Publications collection, 1910-2007

Submitted by LHRC on Thu, 08/23/2012 - 15:25

The Radical Left-Wing Publications collection is now open for research within the Teamsters Labor History Research Center.

Composed of material from a number of different sources, this collection offers researchers a unique look at the 20th and early 21st century American Left. It is comprised mainly of various printed material, including pamphlets, newsletters, journals and flyers, and it is divided into two series. Series 1, Old Left, contains material produced between 1910 and 1959, with the majority of the pamphlets and journals published by the Communist Party, USA, the Socialist Party, USA, and the Socialist Labor Party. Most are also related in some way to communist and socialist thought on labor, capitalism and the working class; some are party propaganda while others lay out more theoretical arguments. Also included are materials related to the Second Red Scare, including Senate reports and pamphlets advocating for the civil liberties of communists and socialists. Of particular note in this series are the numerous publications authored by important communist and socialist figures of the day, including Daniel DeLeon, Mary Marcy, William Z. Foster and Earl Browder.

Series 2, New Left, contains material produced by and about New Left and post-New Left organizations and issues between 1960 and 2007. Most of the materials date from the New Left era of 1960-1980, and come out of a wide range of sources, including the anti-war and anti-imperialist movements, the Black Power movement, the women’s liberation movement, the student movement, the prison abolition movement, and various communist/Marxist-Leninist/Maoist groups. Among others, the materials include those published by the Black Panther Party, Students for a Democratic Society, the Black Workers Congress, the Revolutionary Union / Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, the Sojourner Truth Organization, and Vietnam Veterans Against the War, as well as international organizations like the Venceremos Brigade (Cuba), the Revolutionary Left Movement (Chile), and the Tupamaros (Uruguay). Also worth noting are publications detailing contemporary events, issues and movements. These include the 1960s free speech movement at the University of California, Berkeley, the 1968 Columbia University protests, and the 1971 murder of George Jackson and subsequent trial of the San Quentin Six.

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