The Politics and Culture of Contemporary France Roundtable Write Up

Submitted by LHRC on Thu, 04/18/2013 - 15:26

On April 15, 2013, the Teamsters Labor History Research Center hosted a roundtable discussion titled “The Politics and Culture of Contemporary France.”  Panelists were Herrick Chapman from New York University, Kimberly Morgan and Kathryn Kleppinger, both from George Washington University, and Professor Pierre Birnbaum of the University of Paris.  The program as sponsored by the GW Judaic Studies Program.  Professor Chapman spoke about discrimination, racial differences and affirmative action in France, with comparison to the same topics as they play out in the U.S.  Kimberly Morgan addressed gender equality, immigration and integration policy in France.  Professor Birnbaum spoke about the State, nation-building and democracy in France.  Professor Kleppinger’s topic was political and “Artistic Activism within the French Immigrant Population, 1983-2013.”  She illustrated her contribution with audio clips and visual images.  The discussion that followed the presentation covered several topics including the role of French unions in the integration of immigrants to France.  Approximately 30 people attended the roundtable.  These included students, faculty and others from the GW community.

This program was part of a larger event entitled “Food Fête: The Cultural Politics of Eating in France, co-sponsored by the GW Judaic Studies Program and the Urban Food Task Force.  Professor Birnbaum gave a special lecture at La Maison Française (French Embassy) titled “Sur la Table: Food, Identity and the Jews in Modern France.”